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specifications¡J 1. Power: 0.10~5 W/cm^2
2. Material: Ceramic glass¡K¡K
3.Size: < 900(L) X 350mm(W)¡Aaccording to purpose and requirement.
4. Application: Heating surface for warming oven, heating and roasting oven etc.
Advantages¡J 1. 0.3£gm Electrothermal thin-film coated directly onto the surface of ceramic glass panel.
2. Surface heated to ¡Ø400¢J, energy saving more than 30% as compared with traditional ones.
3. Heating without flammable fire and glaring light, and free from oxygen lacking.
4. Surface heating evenly, direct heating without exchange, and heating efficiency more than 90%.
5. Applied widely to warmers, house heaters, and food baking and roasting facilities.
Product Description
The thinnest thin-film heating element in the world. Our company, based in Taiwan with factory located in Shanghai, China, has developed the thinnest heating element, (thickness less than 0.3£gm, energy saving exceeding 30~40%, without any forced cooling), on which patents have been taken out from Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Germany, and France. It's a kind of heating element that may entirely satisfy design requirement. We hope to cooperate with your company developing varied electrothermal products.