PET Radiant Electrothermal thin-film ELEMENT
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specifications¡J 1. Nichrome coated on PET film (thickness: <0.15mm)
2. Nominal power tailored between 175~350W/m^2 (i.e. 0.0175~0.035W/cm^2)
3. Surface temperature controlled around 40~70 Centigrade for low temperature application
Advantages¡J 1. constant temperature, saving energy
2. super-thin, can be rolled up
3. Normal Infrared total emissivity: >87%
4. Electrothermal radiant switch ratio: >64%
5. Infrared wavelength: 5~13.5£gm
6. Green product with no pollution
7. PET heating element on different substrates can also be designed upon request