1. To adapt the rated voltage with unitary specification (100/110/120/220/240VAC) for avoiding in the voltage changing waste in our LED products with best performance function purpose.  Please be attention.

  2. To adapt the Polytropism LED with 7~10 life for having min. power consumption.  As presently markets, the lamp with 4” LED is about 20W.  For our lamp, it has 18W with 20W illumination and PF value for LED is provided for reference purpose.  The most important factor is to have the best illumination with 1m/consumption with low power for energy conservation.

  3. The surface lighting balance without luminescent spot to make the beam area average and large beam angle under operation temperature -40°C~+40°C condition.

  4. The beam angle and reality lighting size is related.  So, LED lighting must to be done for measurement by materials.  We hope the end-users can do the comparison before decision.  Your are welcomed to send any mails to us and then we can do further explanation for you accordingly.

  5. Customization product is acceptable.

  6. 70% is made by re-cycling sourcing of our products.



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